Six companies.
One mission.

Haute Companies is a collection of six brands that embraces the unconventional to build human-to-human connections.

Our mantra –
learn, share, perfect.

We strive to perfect our own companies and then leverage that knowledge to make our clients’ experiences more engaging and our customer experiences more fun.

Full service creative agency with a singular focus on connecting marketing to sales—and sales to customers—in a more genuine way

Comprehensive and tailored creative, design & technical event execution from initial ideation to onsite or virtual operations

Spontaneous business think tank that fosters real change and energizes meetings, teams and conferences through human-to-human connections

Unique platform that features highly curated merchandise and easy-to-use digital storefronts with no inventory liability

Premier wedding, conference, meeting, and live music venue located in the heart of Central Texas

Event agency that provides curated talent and experiential activations for festivals, concert and corporate events

While we dream big, our roots always keep us grounded

Ready to make lasting impressions

From concerts to campaigns, we approach each and every touchpoint with the end user in mind to create genuine memories.

Real people. Real fun.

Experiences are better realized with kind, happy and authentic people at the helm. We’re proud to be those people.

No one remembers normal

People only remember the peaks and valleys of life—never the time in between. We aim to build those peaks.