A family of companies.
One mission.

Haute Companies is a collection of brands that embrace the unconventional to build human-to-human connections.

Our mantra –
learn, share, perfect.

We use our own companies as a professional testing ground for excellence and then leverage that knowledge to make our clients’ experiences more engaging and our customer experiences more fun.


An event and creative powerhouse formed by bringing together Haute Rock Creative, EventWorks and Haute Dokimazo.

SwagHub Logo

A unique SaaS platform that features highly curated merchandise and easy-to-use digital storefronts with no inventory liability.

Haute Spot Logo

A premier live music and event venue located in the heart of Central Texas, just 20 minutes north of Austin.

A luxury and exotic auto dealer and speed shop dedicated to making your prized possession unique with a DNA of One.

While we dream big, our roots always keep us grounded.

Make lasting impressions

From concerts to campaigns, we approach every touchpoint with the end user in mind to evoke a positive emotional response and create great memories.

Real people. Real fun.

Experiences are better realized with kind, happy and authentic people at the helm. We’re proud to be those people.

No one remembers normal

People only remember the peaks and valleys of life—never the time in between. We aim to build those peaks and extend them.